Decoding the Note: Somebody Out There Likes Him

thenotelogo.jpgA Deep Cover Wonkette Operative notes The Note's rather far-flung search for positive reactions to last night's Big Speech:

In his column, the Des Moines Register's David Yepsen provides a point-by-point analysis of what President Bush did right last night. LINK

The Houston Chronicle's Cragg Hines takes a look at President Bush's SOTU attempt to overcome struggling poll numbers with a positive message of improvement on a number of social issues. LINK

Was the lead editorial from the Randolph, Utah Daily Herald not online?

Our tipster then reminds us of Halperin's Heroes' January 23rd bombshell (you know it was a bombshell because it was written in pseudo-Variety lingo), direct from a top-secret Bush staff meeting:

8. How will people react when the RNC's boffo oppo on Kaine comes out right before his moment in the spotlight, demonstrating just how bad the Kilgore campaign was?

Because this is from back when we didn't get paid to read the Note, we never bothered to figure out what the hell that meant. Now, after the fact, we're even more confused. The RNC had some brilliant maneuver ready to undercut Kaine? That friendly guy with the twitchy eyebrows whose response made us feel like we should be ordering vitamins over the phone from him? "Boffo oppo"?

C'mon, Bartlett -- if wishes were horses and all that.

The Note


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