Decoding the Note: This One Goes Out to Arianna

Whee, fun little joke in today's Note. You see, they were "leaked" a "private" "memo" from "Tony Snow" full of his suggestions re. improving press relations and boosting Bush's numbers and various things that Note people care about and/or imagine the White House cares about. It's really, really lame. We can't tell if they think Tony Snow is a moron, or if they think their moronic ideas are clever. It calls for Bush to do more brush-clearing, fer chrissakes.

Thankfully, only one person forwarded us the column thinking it was genuine. But one either misguided or malicious ABC flack sent the item around without context or explanation. Leading to this:


We know much of the Huffpo staff resides outside the beltway. So they might not really "get" the Note. And we've been slack in our Note-decoding duties lately. To make it up to you, here's the all-purpose Note decoder formula: everything not linked and in quotations marks is either an obtuse joke or a lie.

We don't mean to make fun, really. We blame the flack! And Halperin! But it does demonstrate a lack of respect for Snow's intelligence to think he'd write something so stupid. Raw Story, having been similarly credulous, gets a bit defensive:


You meant to write, "Mark Halperin Writes a Joke No One Gets."

The Note

Huffington Post

ABC News makes up memo from White House press secretary [Raw Story]


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