Decoding the Note: We'll Start Talking About the President's "Agenda" When It Starts Being Funny

We weren't going to bother today, but their tireless insistence that people really oughtta care about whatever the hell Bush is going on about this week is kinda cute.

That day, and every day for just over half a fortnight, we each had one beer (followed, of course, by three mimosas) with our midday meal. This accounts for our fuzzy recollection of the events of last week, and for the fact that when we look at the covers of Time and Newsweek what surely are pictures of Olympic athletes look just like (we swear to this) pictures of Dick Cheney.

* Ridiculous premise one: That anyone at the Note could name or recognize a single Winter Olympic athlete.

* Ridiculous premise two: That a quadrennial sporting event is more newsworthy than the Vice President shooting a guy in the fucking face.

All right, now back to that Bush legislative agenda -- corn in every tank and oil-rich theocrats in every shipping port!

The Note


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