Decoding the Note: What Is the Precise Amount Of Embarrassment They Feel?

More fun with The Note! Today's their wacky quiz, in which all the answers, hilariously, are Zero! After a couple pointed barbs at cable television:

11. What is the percent chance that the cable news networks will cut away from road-blocked coverage of the Coretta Scott King services?

12. What is the percent chance that the cable news networks would not cut away from the Coretta Scott King services if Natalee Holloway were found?

It's time to get down to business:

If you are looking to watch the most comprehensive live coverage of the services, subscribe to ABC News Now by clicking on this LINK and following the user-friendly instructions

ABC News Now's coverage, anchored by Bill Blakemore, will begin at 11:30 am ET. Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Juan Williams, Taylor Branch, and many others will join Bill to discuss the life and legacy of Coretta Scott King.

So the problem with cable news coverage of King's funeral is not that it is excessive, self-serving, or cynical -- it is that it's not comprehensive enough!

(Of course, last time we made fun of the Note, we received a very charming email from a Notester accusing us of not "getting" a "joke" -- which we'd be more than happy to believe, if not for their Senator Claghorn-esque tendency to tell you directly that they are MAKING A JOKE, SON, as you'll see in questions 7 and 8.)

The Note


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