Decrepit Old Senators Thrilled to Have Free Doctor Again

Welcome to the working week, doc - WonketteAfter Wyoming's Senator Craig Thomas suddenly died earlier this year, state legislator and licensed physician John Barrasso was appointed to serve out the remainder of his term. Barrasso's first couple days were a confusing whirlwind of activity as he bumbled around the Capitol getting in the wrong elevators, carjacking Senator Jay Rockeffeller, and voting against immigration bills.

His new colleagues were all thrilled to meet him, though. Because the median age in the Senate is approximately 94, the walking zombies of our great deliberative body immediately pounced upon the doctor and besieged him for free medical care.

"Members of the Senate all have aches and pain too and they've been visiting me about shoulders and hips," he said. "One member talked about her hip operation, another wanted me to check his wrist... I checked out a couple of rotator cuff repairs."

He added, "I just visited recently with Senator McCain, just on the walk over from here to vote on immigration and he was talking about some of his war injuries and the way his bones healed. He had asked if I had seen his X-rays. So we had a nice visit."

Yes, Walnuts apparently assumes that the first thing a Senator would do in his new position is check the x-rays of his fellow legislators.

Ever since Frist retired most Senators have been forced to go to free clinics for their health care needs. Why doesn't Michael Moore ever think of the real victims of our nation's health care crisis?

Barrasso reflects on frenetic week as a U.S. senator [Billings Gazette]


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