* "Those white kids really know how to stick it to the man, the man's wall, and the day laborer who repaints it. Stenciling a mailbox with cryptic messages that people ultimately ignore? Cue the bongo drums and finger snaps. DEEP." [why.i.hate.dc]

* Servathon 2007 this weekend. [Read Express]

* R. Kelly is writing a song for Virginia Tech victims. "Can someone please arrest R. Kelly?" [Native Son]

* "Sometimes I think I'm that dude in the Bible...You know, Job, that keeps getting tested by God. Only I get tested by public transportation and the postal service." [World Domination is Inevitable]

* "2400 Block of 16th St. NW will be closed for 6-8 hours avoid 16th St. NW if possible, please use routes." [Blah, Blah Black Sheep]


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