Deep Bloat: Radio, Radio Edition

Two quick programming notes on the Deep Throat front. First, an operative reports that sports columnist Tony Kornheiser is pushing the "Post wasn't scooped" line very hard on his radio show:

The Old Whiner has had John Feinstein ("Bob is the best reporter I've ever known", "he's the most honest man I've ever known"), a guy from Newsweek, and sports columnist Bob Ryan, from the Boston Globe, who I am pretty sure was already tired of hearing about it.
So sayeth we all. Excellent counter-programming to actual sports news, though.

Second, we were rushing out the door so we can't be sure, but it sure sounded like Rush Limbaugh just created a "logic" chain that started with the claim that Richard Nixon was a "peacemaker" and ended with blaming Woodward, Bernstein, and Bradley for Cambodian genocide. "I hope they're proud of themselves." We're looking forward to the transcript of this one.


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