Defamer on Senate Smoking Hearings

grrrrrr_grrrrr_im_bear_im_a_bearIt looks like the Gawker Media Empire's newest addition has the same high journalistic standards as the rest of us; Defamer reports that MPAA head Jack Valenti had this to say at this week's "Smoking in the Movies" hearings:

"I tell all of you, cigarettes are a very great threat to America's film industry. In my long life, I've been to countless movies, and have never once seen a cigarette buy even a single ticket. It's obvious that cigarettes are party to the rampant digital rape and plunder of our entertainment products."
Rape and plunder? We hear that the NYT thinks it's all Rumsfeld's fault.

Jack Valenti: Cigarettes Are Stealing Our Movies! [Defamer]

Valenti: Filtering smoking is filmmakers' call [The Hollywood Reporter]


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