Defending Judge Roberts

Oh That Isnt Photoshopped At AllWe've been watching conservatives try to do the Rock Hudson Memorial Limbo under John Roberts' involvement in a gay rights case for almost a week now. The main shimmy has been along the lines of "liberals are only doing this to split conservative support because they think we all hate gays." Last Friday on the Rush Limbaugh show, however, that guy from "Law and Order" came up with a novel positive defense:

He was a lawyer's lawyer, and he was on a lot of different sides of a lot of different issues...This is an indication of a lawyer philosophy that has a long and illustrious history starting with John Adams who defended the Redcoats at the Boston Massacre -- and Abe Lincoln, you know, was not adverse to representing the railroads against the little guy on occasion.
In other words, it's not that he likes gays, it's that he's whore.

We're still hoping for both.

Senator Thompson on Desperate Democrat Attacks on Judge Roberts []


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