These items were later sold on eBay for 25 centsDespite the fact that he now leads the Democratic nomination race by every conceivable metric, Barack Obama will not be the candidate running against John McCain. Legions of Clinton die-hards will turn out in West Virginia tomorrow to stick it to MSNBC, Robert Reich, non-hard-working white people, and other members of the sexist cabal who want Hillary to throw in the towel before she has humiliated herself in all 50 states (plus Guam, Samoa, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Tatooine).

At a campaign stop in West Virginia, Bill Clinton told supporters that "if 600,000 people show up [to vote for Hillary on Tuesday], and you say, 'We want a president,' then you will see the earth move."

That's right, America! Your next president will be determined by 600,000 West Virginians, who will all vote for Ron Paul.

HRC courts media backlash, protest vote [Politico]


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