Defiant Samantha Power Apologizes For Monster Comment But Nothing Else

Blar blar blar, fiery Irish temper blarIn a controversial address at Columbia University School of Law on Tuesday, the controversial contrarian and former Obama advisor Samantha Power admitted she was sorry about calling Hillary Clinton a monster that one time. However, she did not request backsies on any of the other shocking garbage she uttered in her tenure as Barack Obama's foreign policy wonk.

For example, Samantha Power is not sorry for suggesting that the commander in chief should examine the position on the ground before deciding to withdraw troops from Iraq. She is also not sorry about Obama's pledge to meet with hostile foreign leaders without preconditions.

Power hinted that she might rejoin the Obama campaign (or administration) at some point, and liberals everywhere cheered, and everybody else got heartburn.

Samantha Power Unapologetic About Iraq Remarks, Hints At Return [Huffington Post]


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