Degenerate Blogger-Person Steals Last American Job


Hello Wonkette readers! Your Comics Curmudgeon has had a good time also being your sometime morning editor, this year! But just as a "Realdoll" is not a substitute for human companionship, even the most personally fulfilling blogging gig is not a substitute for subsidized dental care.

This means that I (sorry, it is way too confusing to use some combination of the third person singular and second person plural here) have submitted to the siren song of gainful employment, at a tech site that you probably aren't interested in. Sorry everybody! I will still be writing my own blog and OBVIOUSLY will be checking in here biweekly to keep you updated on the world of Cartoon Violence. So don't cry! I will still be with you in spirit, and occasionally in blog-reality! OK, you can cry a little. Adieu, for now!


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