DeLay Outsources Violence to Unpaid Guys in Dirty T-Shirts

Not to be outdone on the violence front, Tom DeLay's campaign (allegedly) sent out supporters to "wreck" a presser by his former Democratic challenger, Nick Lampson -- and they beat up an old lady! Say what you will about Cynthia McKinney, at least she assaults people personally, and goes after guys twice her size (presumably -- the cop is still unnamed).

Pictures of the event are here, though the moneyshot seems to be missing (we see an old lady, check... and some threatening mustachioed types, sure...). According to the blogger who posted the pics, DeLay's campaign manager sent out this email last night:

We would meet tomorrow morning at 9:45 am on the first floor of the parking garage attached to the Marriott. Please get folks to call our campaign office 281.343.1333 and let us know they can do it - or e-mail Leonard Cash (in the cc field above) so that we can get some head count. Let's give Lampson a parting shot that wrecks his press conference.

Because, uh, apparently no one told him that DeLay retired. You should've wrecked his conference last week!

Anyway, we think Cynthia McKinney should immediately sponsor legislation commending our nation's little old ladies. And then she should hit DeLay with a cell phone. Please.

April 6 Nick Lampson Press Conference [Juanita's]


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