DeLay Standing Tough in the Face of Spooky Ads

DelayHell.jpgNo doubt cognizant of the fundraising opportunities inherent in being the Left's designated boogeyman, same-sex hand-holder Tom DeLay welcomed a new round of TV commercials that focus on his rules-violations addiction with a brave "Bring it on!" But when he actually views these commercials, he may not be so fearless. The somber orchestra thrumming in the background. The relentless tag-team narration. The frightening close-up on the scrotal folds of DeLay's ample eyeflesh, and the subsequent pull-back shot of his entire countenance in all its sweaty, mottled waxiness as he disappears into a vortex of blazing hellfire. It's the scariest horror-movie trailer we've seen all year!

Clean Up Congress...Without DeLay [Public Campaign Action Fund]

Groups Take On DeLay With TV Ad Buy [Fox News]


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