Deleted Comments: Didn't You Know Trump Won, So All Politics Is Now Over?

You mean to say the election is over? This is my shocked face.

Guys, we have some news for you, courtesy of our deleted commenters: Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, thereby settling all political questions forever, so why are there even still any of you progressives left? Maybe we should have warned you to sit down before laying that on you. Also, stop your crying, Meryl Streep, you are not brave, you are a loser! Or so says genuine old-school troll "Moshe Pipik," a Breitbart dweller who has Thoughts:


The people of the US voted. You blast Trump you blast half the country and you are all Jew Haters. Israel has 400 hydrogen bombs. get over it losre.

Also, don't mention the popular vote, because it doesn't count, and was inflated by all the illegal aliens:

MANY VOTES WERE ILLEGAL ALIENS WITH drivers licenses. Sorry Trump really had the popular vote otherwise and he campaigned differently. Anyway we win and you lose and we will make it so all liberals have to go in the oven.

We're going to see if you clever Wonket readers can detect a certain running theme with certain of our banhammered visitors this week, like perhaps "Brad Cole," who offered some thoughts on that same story about Meryl Streep and Kellyanne Conway's warning that Streep should be careful not to appeal to people's basest instincts:

  • Hey Evan, FUCK YOU
  • Most black people don't even know when it's time to vote. They are more concerned about getting their welfare check, and leaching off the system, and committing crimes.
  • Ha ha, 4 more years of this. Fuck you.

It's almost as if he were angry about his candidate winning or something.

From "twopartysystem1," some perspective on the end of the election and the confirmation process for Trump's cabinet: Nobody cares what John Lewis or Corey Booker have to say about Jeff Sessions, because didn't you notice Hillary lost the election, and now Donald Trump gets everything he wants. Don't you people understand anything about how politics works?

  • The whole world has moved on. But several groups apparently think that whining is going to change the direction and momentum: Professional race-baiters, professional politicians and state media. They need to strategize and come up with some sort of new angle because Obama squeezed the very last drop out of the old race card. It's half entertaining and half sad to watch.
  • After eight years of watching Obama's endless, inconsistent and arbitrary assignment of "racism", most folks see it for what it is: a divisive political tool. So not fragile, just aware and tired of the same old thing. The next Demo is going to need a lot more than "racism" to win a national election.

You may be astonished to learn from "twopartysystem1's" Disqus history that John Lewis is not so much a "civil rights hero" as a "Lifetime government freeloader" who, exactly like John McCain, has been "Spinning a fifty year old story into an entire lifetime of gov't freeloading." On the other hand, we at least learn who "twopartysystem1" does like: Kellyanne Conway, who he says is "so whip smart, well-spoken and such a hottie!" Hmm.

Our article on that painting that House Republicans have been lining up to remove from a hallway in the Capitol complex, since it incites cop-murder by depicting cops as animals, drew international attention from "Upsetti Spaghetti," who created a Disqus account just to call us to account, to critique art, and to explain why crime happens:

  • I usually find your articles mildly amusing, but this post is extremely biased. If the painting had portrayed the cops normally and the black people as apes, you guys would be crying racism and demanding it be taken down.
  • They're not just mocking authority. They're calling the people who put their lives on line each day protecting us, animals. While I admit a few cops might have issues, it is a major generalization to say they're all animals. A bit like saying all black people are uneducated, freeloaders or druggies.
  • If you don't break the law you won't get arrested. It's as simple as that. While I have never been to America I have watched all 29 seasons of cops and so consider myself to be quite an expert. Whenever the police catch the black person with the drugs and their pants falling down, you hear they're family members gather around the police hurling insults and saying "hes a good boy, he didnt do nuffin"

We were saddened to learn that "Upsetti Spagetti" was a longtime fan of Wonkette -- and of Dear ShitFerBrains, even -- who somehow thinks we'd demand censorship of art if it were racist. Heck no! If, like the painting in question here, a sitting member of Congress had chosen a high schooler's painting of black people as apes as the winner of a congressonal art contest for young people, our ire would be fully focused on the racist idiot Congressjerk for thinking that was a good idea. We might also say something about "false equivalence," were we so inclined. In any case, we're glad to know that Fox's program "COPS" has been such a fine cultural ambassador for America.

From reader "Cloris Clitoris," our piece on Sarah Palin's objection to Donald Trump's being smeared by Pee Hookers got a stern wag of the finger, because OH, SUCH LANGUAGE:

When an article contains the word FUCK over and over again, I know two things: they don't got shit in terms of an argument and they are butthurt to the max.

We would simply like to point out that, according to some dubious studies that are nonetheless fun to cite, people who swear a lot are smarter and more honest, so fuck off, to the max. Grody! Ah, but "Cloris" had far more problems with our little mommyblog, recipe hub, and secret clopfic emporium (the hidden password is "hoofwanking"). Why, "Cloris" wanted to know, are we even wasting time talking about Sarah Palin when Hillary Clinton's secret pizza-parlor child sex ring is still up and running?

  • That's funny. I know that in DC a whole bunch of operatives close to $hillary have that going on in a strip mall. It's really creepy and Obomba even visited. There are underground tunnels and a bunch of kids are missing nearby. The Pegasus Museum is listed as owned by Elefantis and yet no one has ever actually seen a museum at the site and it's not open to the public. If I didn't know better, I would think you are a shill hired to minimized child abduction, rape and murder for satanic rituals. Sucks to be you but I will pray for your twisted, fucked-up soul. Asshole.
  • Man this site is so dumbed down and utter garbage. Why would anyone waste a moment on this cyber fecal matter?!
  • Oh wow!!! You've CONVINCED me! We have PEDesta's emails, $hillary's hubby is a serial rapist, her head cunt-licker has a perv hubby who sexts and God knows what else but she is pure as the driven snow. Um..not.
  • Take your meds, don't eat pizza with walnut sauce and map on them and become a human being.

Inevitably, someone asked "Cloris" to back up those decidedly eccentric claims, and was told, in classic troll form, "What? So lazy you can't do it yourself? Just go to #PIzzaGate on YouTube." And there we are, American public discourse in 2017. Not surprisingly, "Cloris Clitoris's" limited Disqus history is a sad trail of comments about the Illuminati PSYOPS and how the CIA sneaks secret messages into your TV programming.

And finally, a very, very disappointed comment from one Diane Emory, who wants to know what kind of credibility this Wonket Place even thinks it has, when it can't even use the English Language good AT ALL:

"Is our Democrats learning?" Am I expected to take seriously any news site that can't even use correct grammar in the first sentence?

So, we guess our Democrats is not learning, then. Or maybe it's our Republicans who is not learning. In any case, we're not doing your research for you. Google it yourself!

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