Deleted Comments of the Day: Didn't You Guys Notice Martin Bashir Is An Ay-Rab?

Gosh, seems like it's been forever since we've done one of these! Thanks, Rebecca, for keeping up with thegenius auditions while we were on "vacation" last week. And let's see what's squirming around on the underside of the comment queue today... First up, our story on Martin Bashir's culinary suggestion for Sarah Palin drew this brilliance from "RichieM232":

Martin Bashir is a disgrace. Misogynistic scumbag. Should be kicked out of MSNBC. Considering his cultural background he probably still believes in stoning women. But it has no place in TV news in a civilized soceity.

And if anyone knows what a "civilized soceity" [sic] is, it's a guy who assumes that anyone named "Bashir" has to be a lady-stonin' Mahomettan savage, amirite? Tell us something of "his cultural background," will you, O Source Of Much Knowledge?

"Bashir was born in Wandsworth, South London, to parents of Pakistani Christian origin ... He identifies himself as a committed Christian"

Well, hell, your hidden Muslims all claim they're Christians. Just like the Gettysburg-denier preznit.

On the other hand, we do think it's worth mentioning that "Martin Bashir" anagrams to "harms Britain."

On a related topic, "surj1936" had a timely comment on a January 2013 piece about Pamela Geller's expectation that Barack Obama is getting ready to Holocaust the Jews because of food stamps or something. Surj1936 has a dire prediction, and a link to a Muslins-gonna-kill-us-all website!

I'm surprised that majority of people here have not taken notice what she has said, only funny comments. I will challenge any one out there that There will be a separate state within USA which will be Islamic. You may laugh now, but not in 4 to 5 decades.that is the time I give to you Americans ..Just see to start.

Yes, that is definitely the problem with Wonket. We simply do not give enough serious consideration to the likelihood of a "separate state" within our nation that will go Islamic in 50 years. You know, like how that Kennedy guy made us subservient to the dictates of Rome.

Elsewhere on the interwebs, surj1936 has shared their philosophy for fighting the threat of creeping sharia:

The more you ridicule islam/muslims the better. I always give them dirty looks when I see them on road or any where.I never buy at their shops.

Cultural victory via dirty looks! Stay brave, surj1936, and keep your sternum up.

Also in the running for "really well-timed comment of the week" is "DenaiRebecca," who has a bone to pick with this young woman calling for higher taxes on the 1% back in 2011. DenaiRebecca is pretty darned upset that a rich person would support taxation, because what kind of craziness is that?

I completely agree, this woman has never worked for her money so she does care about it. She wants to be taxed, I say we have her pay my portion, because I don't want to be taxed! I want to live in a world where we all have the same equal opportunity, not in a world where we steal from someone to provide certain results to others. That is not equal at all, some get stolen from and some get given to. I like that this woman has a heart, so she should donate as much money to charity and the government as she wants. BUT she shouldn't ask the government to force me with punishment of jail to give up money for which I work 70 hours a week! Tell me, is that actually equal?

We have a feeling that if DenaiRebecca is working "70 hours a week," she just might not actually in the 1%. But who knows! She may be so busy making money that she hasn't noticed that Occupy Wall Street ended a while back. In any case, excellent regurgitation of some really original comments that only get repeated several hundred times a day on Yahoo News. Also, could the young woman in that 2011 post please give some thought to helping a blog that shares her goals?

In response to something that was actually published recently, we have this note from "justan0n" (spiffy 1337 zero, dude!), who like the people Rebecca took care of last time, has never seen no discrimination at all in Pine Bush, New York:

This is all blown out if proportion. If this lawsuit happened a year or 2 ago, why all of a sudden is it all through the media now? It seems like all of this hit the media because the bloomingburg situation, The people in bloomigburg protested against the 300 house unit and the all girls hasidic school. Pine Bush School District is now Anti-semetic. And because people in the town of pine bush are questioning if it's a legal agreement or not, now we're all anti-semetic? I went to pine bush up until I graduated and I can tell you I've never seen any Swastica Signs or Jewish kids being beaten up. The staff was wonderful. I graduated in 2011.

Yes, and you got an exellant educational back-round, didn't you? Also, there is NO discrimination problem in pine bush (pbuh):

Like the superintendent said, it's a money grab. If you guys looked at the video of the rally PB held, you would have seen a Jewish lady saying she lived in the community for some odd years and she's never experidenced hatred. You would also see a colored lady saying she moved her 4 children to PB from the city to be safer and she wouldn't have moved them here if it wasn't safe. This is ridiculous. The media sure knows how to make a great community sound bad and trash it. I understand some of the stuff people are saying is a bit ridiculous, but keep in mind, it's their opinion. They don't speak for all of us in PB.

The coloreds think it's nice there, so stop accusing pine bush of anti-semetism, OK?

And finally, in response to our story about the completely sane Chicago bishop who planned to exorcise the ghey marriage away from Illinois, we got this nice note from "shamanicomniinternational," who wants us to know that the Bishop's hateful cleansing of imaginary evil gay spirits will be met by an equal and opposite invocation of good gay-loving imaginary woo-woo talking. Today, in fact!

Hello, to all who read this.... On November 20th, in Tucson Arizona, a Shamanic Ceremony will be held to bring no power to Bishop Thomas Paprocki's exorcism (being held without consent of those just married) of those of the same sex who have gotten married. At the Ceremony, Shaman, [name redacted], of Chicago Illinois (attended St. Denis School on Chicago's Southwest Side) will also be offering un-baptisms. To participate in ceremony please contact me at [email redacted]

We feel a little bad slagging someone whose heart is in the right place, even if their head is stuck in a dream-catcher full of perfectly aligned chakras bombarded by only the best in crystal energies. Then again, shamanicomniinternational is just so earnest that we feel compelled:

You need not want to get un-baptized to participate in the Ceremony to nullify the Bishop's Ceremony. But those that want to be un-baptized will be unbaptized after Ceremony of Exorcism Nullification. My Bio I have always been a Shaman but the Catholic Church tried to cover this up during the time I was raised in the church. I have many credentials and travel across America now bringing truth, dignity, and calm back to the peoples of the land. I have held Shamanic Ceremony in over 30 different states.

So there's one more crime the Church has to answer for: covering up shamanicomniinternational's natural status as a shaman. But hey, at least they now have their shaman credentials, and thus are qualified to drive out the false magicks of homophobic bishops.

Doktor Zoom

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