Deleted Comments Of The Day: You LIEberals Are Too Brainwashed To Understand Alex Jones!

Deleted Comments Of The Day: You LIEberals Are Too Brainwashed To Understand Alex Jones!

Oh, ye connoisseurs of Dear Shitferbrains, have we got a special treat for you! A full-on rant from an Alex Jones fan, in response to our June 9 story about theAlex Jones fandom of Jerad Miller, the Las Vegas cop-killing sovereign citizen. When we saw this sucker in the queue, we knew we had to share. It's from a writer who calls himself (we'll assume it's a dude from the message's electronic hints of bad breath and Cheetos) "TRENDYdebunker," who is definitely no friend of TRENDY low-information sheeple who need debunking. He gets our full attention for this outing of Dear Shitferbrains, because he's earned it. Just look at this first line, a thing of beauty all in itself (all punctuation copy-pasted from original):

As one would rightfully expect from LIB-TARD TRENDIES whose aversion to TRUTH is beyond legendary, this comment will probably never see the light of day as you will no doubt hate me for bursting your insulated bubble of cozy trendiness...

We have no idea what he thinks "trendy" means, but in his mental vocabulary it seems to have little to do with current style or taste. Then again, maybe he thinks that what we call "reality" is just whatever people think is fashionable at the moment, and therefore a bad thing that must be resisted.

Our Jeremiah continues, opening our trendy eyes to the uncomfortable truth. He is Lazarus, come from the dead, come back to tell us all, he shall tell us all. At least until he and his ragged claws scuttle back to his favorite undersea palace. But yes, he is going to cure our ignorance and blind us with TRVTH:

The ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is already here. The pathetic level of pseudo-intelligence so militantly displayed in these threads is truly frightening. Why don't you apply your incisive intellects to finding out what truly happened at Sandy Hook & Aurora, & Benghazi or something of substance instead of harping on Alex Jones & your incredulity regarding False Flag Operations. Seriously, how stupid are you nimrods? False Flag events are a historical reality of unmistakable provenance & your reflexively misguided hatred against those who wish to enlighten you about such dynamics is lamentable & laughable.You are so entrenched in your idiocy that it would be pointless to even try to persuade you of how misinformed you truly are.

Gosh, why don't we find out what REALLY happened at Sandy Hook & Aurora, & Benghazi? Obviously, mere reality cannot possibly have happened, because it is physically impossible for someone to kill a bunch of people with semiautomatic weapons, or for a lightly-defended diplomatic compound to be overrun by a bunch of militants in what was recently a war zone. There are just too many signs pointing to a wad of imaginary secret plots all duct taped together, and if we had any integrity, we'd open our eyes and see the real reality. Gotcha. He continues (boy does he continue...):

Yeah, Alex Jones, he's the one you should worry about. & people like me who can perceive reality instead of the force-fed programming you so greedily imbibe.I notice how heavily everybody relies on the provided narrative for their sophisticated 'opinions' on this tragic occurrence. Ever heard of the Manchurian Candidate? Lee Harvey Oswald?, They pre-dated Alex by many years. Project Northwoods? Oh, I know, you don't want to be confused by the facts. Go back to drinking your SPLC/MM KOOL-AID & Stay TRENDY! Your abject terror when confronted by uncomfortably vitriolic memes is intoxicating.

Ooh, yes, we love the fictional movie The Manchurian Candidate, adapted from a fictional novel written by Richard Condon, who used his own imagination to tell a fictional story about a scenario where a man is turned into a robot assassin through mind control. It was a very entertaining fiction! The remake was okay, too, but can't hold a candle to the original. And Oswald acted alone (shut UP, Rebecca!). Also, we are sorry that you mistake "pointing and laughing" for "abject terror." It must be a very confusing world for you.

And then we get The Challenge:

Publish this if you dare, Lib-Tard censors, your failure to do so will just authenticate your unprincipled reluctance to engage in honest debate. You only know how to cast aspersions on those more intellectually gifted than yourselves & toss around incendiary, inflammatory , epithets out-of-context & lacking foundation. Thanks for publicizing your editorial control over this thread - you may be obvious fascists but amazingly honest for all that. Do you have the guts to post this? Surprise me quislings!... Death To Video-Drome, Long Live the New Flesh!!!...

Surprise, Shitferbrains! And as a matter of fact, we're featuring you in your very own story, not hiding you away in the comments on a month-old story where no one would ever be likely to see your brilliance anyway. Which is not to say we'll invite you to join us in the comments -- this is our parlor, and we get the distinct feeling you'd knock over the furniture and leave stains all over the carpet. So yeah, it's all a cruel hoax -- we won't debate you, but maybe some of the commenters will, or they would, if comments were allowed.

Not surprisingly, when an hour went by and TRENDYdebunker's comment didn't get posted (true fact: we check the queue maybe twice a day at most, and not when we're busy writing -- we don't have a staffer just sitting and waiting for new comments to come in), the poor dear just had to let us know what terrible people we were. And he led off his complaint with a third-grade joke!

I just had my post censored by the editorial controllers of this blog.Your epidermis & cowardice are showing Establishment TROLLS!... You obviously lack the courage of your convictions since you are so afraid of candid dissent. You are thoroughly discredited & pathetic losers. Don't step on the grass, Sam, you've already lost the fight because you are turn-coat LIb-Tards who hate anybody whose unregulated narrative doesn't fit your Lib-Tard Agenda. Stay TRENDY!, NIMRODS!; I'm gonna re-post my comments elsewhere for open-minded citizens who don't fear repudiation by the intellectually superior. You shouldn't hate people for being smarter than you are. Censor THIS! ,ASS-WIPES!!!

He seems nice.

And finally, we do have to consider the possibility that this is a troll -- the sender's email address starts out "crazyguy##usa" (number removed for some privacy), so maybe he's taking the proverbial piss? It feels like genuine crazy Alex Jones fandom, but there's always the chance that it's performance art.

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