Deleted Comments: One Of Those Weeks Where The Bigots Forgot What Their Own Slurs Mean

Whole lotta WHARRGARBLE in here

Was last week just a little crazymaking? Yes! Yes it was! We should have seen it coming, since last Sunday's Dear Shitferbrains was graced with a visit from one of the more vile racists we've had drop by in quite a while. This wasn't one of your subtle modern fellows who claims, as did the actual subject of last week's column, that racism is just a historical curiosity that liberals keep bringing up to unfairly smear conservatives and keep black people voting for Democrats, since obviously black people are too dumb to think for themselves. (Funny how that argument doesn't seem to win over a lot of black adherents.)

Nope, this guy, going by the username "John D. Horton," proudly embraces his ugliness. His life's work is to go all over the interwebs and post the same two or three extremely long comments (each with a lengthy "bibliography" of racist and anti-Islam links attached) at various sites. Unlike your average bot, this guy usually adds a unique first paragraph for each visit. We'd be concerned that poor "John D." may get tossed out of his local Klan chapter, since he seems to have some difficulty with vocabulary, but we're unsure whether Vladivostok actually has a Klan chapter.

We should warn you, gentle reader, that this one really is ugly, so feel free to skim the excerpts:

Kick all coons and coloreds back to Africa, Asia and south of the US border so they can draw welfare off their own people and not off of the White working man who is the only net contributor to the tax base in the USA (i.e. all others, women and coloreds, take out more from the government via welfare than they put in via taxation). If you really love beggar coons, then move to Africa etc. and give all your money to the coons.

You know, we think he may have some factual inaccuracies about how welfare and taxes are actually distributed in this fine country. And yes, he seems to think that "coon" is a synonym for "illegal immigrant" -- in a comment on Virginia Public radio yesterday, he actually said this:

I don't care if the coon (i.e. the illegal alien) is 1 second old or 100 years old, he is not the responsibility off the US taxpayer and must be deported from the USA immediately after being sterilized. The coloreds need to learn that they can not come to the USA to enslave the White taxpayer to paying for the coloreds endless welfare so the coloreds can pump out endless babies and Democrat voters.

The rest of "John D.'s" comment is the same boilerplate he posts all over the web. He has thought long and hard about this, with arguments straight from your choice of racist pamphlets of the past 60 years. (The first overt white supremacist recall meeting was a co-worker at McDonalds in 1981; this could have come from his copy of the "National Vanguard"):

The Third World invasion of the West is all based on Communist envy (i.e. the desire of Communist non-workers to take from Capitalist workers). The beggars from the Third World do not want to improve their own countries but would rather beg in Western countries. It is statistically impossible for the West which is 10% of the world's population to babysit the 90% of the world's population located in the Third World by moving the Third World population to Europe and North America.

Communism? We'd question whether red-baiting is even something that moves anyone anymore, but then we remembered our last visit to Breitbart comments. It's a sort of Hate Nostalgia, a throwback to the good old days when the Reds were the obvious source of everything that made the right nervous, including all those troublesome colored people wanting rights and equality.

And to bring back the good old days when America was truly America, "John D." offers a very simple solution, which we're sure he thought was clever:

Kick the dirty illegals and other foreigners out of Europe and North America because they stink especially if they are on welfare. Hire bounty hunters to round up illegals so the job can be accomplished in 30 days at $100 / head, dead or alive. No USA southern border wall will be needed if USA bounty hunters are out looking to make a pay check with a shotgun in hand.

Exactly the solution an idiot or a twelve-year-old bully would think up when he takes a break from imagining really cool new tortures. Then again, it's not really much more simplistic than "We should take Iraq's oil" or "we'll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it." And yes, "USA southern border wall" and "USA bounty hunters" really sound exactly like something a USA native speaker of USA English would write.

Finally, there's this:

99% of fake refugees placed in the USA are Muslim because the United Nations High Commission for Refugees is 80% staffed by Muslims and the Commission is a propaganda and Muslim population invasion agency of the Islamic Caliphate. In other words, it's a deceptive racket and con-job.

Huh. Is this troll aware that there's no such thing as an "Islamic Caliphate" in the first place? Sure, the self-proclaimed "Islamic State" declared itself a caliphate, but the UNHCR predated that, and no, ISIL never actually ran the UN (which is exactly what an America-hating liberal would say, we realize).

This was followed with (again, note the perfectly idiomatic USA usage)

Bibliography (mostly books) on illegal immigration, "Islamic immigration jihad / hegira," fake refugees and the Islamic Invasion Army conquest of Europe and North America:

And what a bounty of great books that was, starting with Ann Coulter's ¬°Adios, America!: The Left's Plan to Turn our Country into a Third World Hellhole and moving on to completely reliable titles like Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About the War We're In by Robert Spencer (head of the Muslim panic site "Jihad Watch") and Islam, America's Trojan Horse!: a Christian Looks at Islam, by Don Boys (another raving "Christian" loony).

Tossed in there are subsections on "The Jews as the destroyers via Communism of White, Christian societies as revenge for historical anti-Semitism and the Holocaust" and "The Catholic Church has converted to Communism and now propagandizes for Islam and unlimited legal and illegal immigration (web articles and books)." It all has a depressing sameness to it.

"John D." even links to a bizarre book called Rohingya Hoax, by a Burmese Buddhist who argues, in ornately old-fashioned English, that there's no such ethnic group as the Rohingya in Myanmar/Burma. You see, they're really just Muslim terrorists from the Chittagong region of Bangladesh, and therefore, they're getting what's coming to them. You can't do ethnic cleansing to people who aren't really an ethnic group, now can you? Imagine trying to get through more than a few paragraphs of this cant:

Humbug! Pugnacious Chittagonian Muslims! A dog's chance! Wily rascals! Yes, in a book with a 2009 copyright. Top USA hater of Muslims Pam Geller says she's a big fan, although the book is nigh unreadable.

Oh, but there's more. "John D." left a second comment, this time about why black people are just the worst! See if this idiocy sounds familiar:

40% of the USA African male population has a felony conviction. Close all federal and state prisons in the US and reopen them in Africa. Convicted felons = US citizenship is revoked.

Here he linked to the White House's petition website, where apparently he once submitted a petition for this perfectly reasonable plan to move all our prisons to Africa, where surely some nation would like to have all our convicts, just as Mexico will pay for the wall. "John D." has posted that in several other comment sections, and has apparently not noticed the petition was removed -- his link now just goes to the front page of the petition site. Oh, but he had a lot more to add!

Even President Abraham Lincoln wanted crazy African ex-slaves shipped back to Africa immediately upon the conclusion of the Civil War to maintain the White purity of the USA but this was ruined by the Jewish plot to destroy the USA with mongrelism and multiracialism which is currently underway with the Jew-orchestrated (i.e. Rothchild and Soros) Muslim destruction of Europe and North America to destroy Whites and Christianity.

Did you have "Rothschild" open on your Racist Bingo card? Fill that puppy in! As his "source" for this, he cited a piece from The Root, which focused only on Lincoln's scheme to send all the slaves away, but seems to have left out the part about the Jewish plot to destroy America with mongrelism. And yes, this comment had some brilliant subsections, too:

  • Books on the "Back to Africa Movement" (and other failed solutions to the USA race problem) where the coon can live and breed like a rabbit free of the White menace:
  • Other books on the "Race Problem" (i.e. Why Africans in the USA can't understand why they can't get ahead in the USA):
  • The whole "civil rights" movement in the USA was funded by Communists beginning with the NAACP and the Urban League. Africans in the USA never had the money or the know-how to put these organizations together. One of the tactics of Communism to bring down a capitalist country is to promote anarchy and civil strife within different populations. Labor versus management did not work in America so the Communist then switched to a race base tactic of Black versus White.

If you're in the mood for more Anger Porn, feel free to check out "John D.'s" Disqus history, where you'll see those lists again and again, as well as his observations on superior white IQs, how there's no such thing as "Palestinians" (just like the Rohingya), how George Soros funds the entire "Left," and additional thoughts on the many "coons" of Africa and Asia:

If you love coons, move to coonville: Africa, Asia etc., and give all of your money, possession and your daughter to the coons. You probably won't get out alive.

The coons want to come to the USA to get on White-man provide welfare (i.e., yes, only White males are net contributors to the tax base: Women and coloreds take out more than they put into the tax base).

Why aren't coons moving to other African or Asia nations? Daa ... there are no stupid White people in Africa or Asia to provide the coons with welfare.

For the sake of curiosity, we did a search on "John D.'s" IP address, which makes it clear he's using a VPN (virtual private network) to hide his actual location. The site we usually use to look up IP addresses came back with two answers: "not available" or Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We'll go way out on a limb and assume that nobody who's actually in Riyadh is sending out page after page of anti-Muslim titles. It's just so hard to tell whether we have a homegrown idiot here, or some flavor of non-USA troll, though our Ameros would be on the latter.

That's about all the stupid we can handle for this week from genuine USA patriot white man who hates to see all the blacks from Asia wrecking once-great USA nation. Sad!

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