It ain't the bunny suitper se that bothers me. It's the inevitable fan art.

[contextly_sidebar id="eEjHAWTmAVE8wbMkuH1sAIy6X7OgogsT"]There was another horrific terrorist attack in Europe last week, and so there were, as seems to be mandatory, a whole bunch of Internet Commandos ready to put the tragedy into its proper context, which is The Muslims Want To Kill Us All. We came in for particular criticism from "Jennifer Cohagen," who pointed out that great strategic thinker Donald Trump was almost alone in predicting the carnage in Brussels:

For all of you who are claiming Trump's statements are only to capitalize on the current tragedy in Brussels, remember he said the exact same thing January 27.

“There is something going on, Maria,” he said. “Go to Brussels. Go to Paris. Go to different places. There is something going on and it’s not good, where they want Shariah law, where they want this, where they want things that — you know, there has to be some assimilation. There is no assimilation. There is something bad going on.”

Trump predicted this less than two short months ago.

Damn, that Trump is like the smartest man in the world! In February, he named two European cities, one of which was by then known to be the home of several of the terrorists who attacked Paris, and by golly, there was another terrorist attack there, which was completely unanticipated by everyone but Donald Trump. As long as you don't include the Belgian police who warned an attack was possible after they captured Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving Paris attacker, a few days before. Probably because they listened to Donald Trump, who didn't actually predict another attack, but did explain that all the Muslims living in Brussels had made the place a "hellhole" and that "there's something bad going on." If that's what counts as a prediction of a terrorist attack, a lot of places that got bad reviews on Yelp better upgrade their security.

Before flouncing out of the comments, "Jennifer Cohagen" explained that rather than answer another comment (which we don't allow), she was done with Wonkette, because "this place is starting to creep me out." She did at least hope we'd "have fun with your anti-Trump orgy." Remember, kids, practice safe commenting.

The same story also brought us these thoughts from person of few words "rms":

  • Trump is right no matter how you naive globalist lefties try to spin it
  • He knows more than Merkel and Hollande. Wake up from you PC induced slumber.
  • Knows more about keeping women-hating and gay-hating MUSLIM men out of our country to avoid incidents like this.
  • You think you're smart bashing Trump for his "bigotry" and "misogyny" yet you're implicitly defending people (Muslims) who are literally 1000 times worse than him. Hypocrites, the lot of you liberal swine!
  • Yes, I'm so simple minded when I draw conclusions between angry, unassimilated Muslim men who keep suicide bombing non Muslims. How can I be so stupid, mate?

We're always impressed that the one time rightwing loons decide hating gays might be a bad thing is when they remind us that Muslim fundamentalists hate gays.

Another genius, "Jv" had this careful analysis of why many of the Brussels and Paris terrorists were actually Belgian citizens: They sneakily infiltrated Belgium "as the children of muslim immigrants." Jv had other idiosyncratically spelled and punctuated thoughts on the tragedy:

  • Children are chearing the deaths in schools, believe criticising Islam or Mohammed is forbidden for everyone, LITERALLY that Allah created the universe and the earth is flat in extreme cases. Why? Because their parents are conservative muslims raising conservative muslims in liberal countries.

    Alternatively the parents are chill, but barely speak the language so they just leave the children to fend for themselves so the radical imams Saudi-arabia exports can pick them up. We've been blind.

  • I have met these people I have smiled at these sweet sily foreigners gently, surely as long as we ignore them eventually they will integreate on their own and we only have to defend them from the evil racist far-right until then, I am done I have lost faith in integration,
  • That you think of people you disagree with as racists and fascists, even as millions start supporting them, is a sign your mind has closed to other worldviews.
  • My head was up my ass, my eyes were closed as I defended illiberal anti- western religiously conservative muslims, now my people are being killed by the children we first ignored then coddled but never challenged on thei bullshit beliefs and medieval sham cultures, because that would have made me a bad liberal.

It's always the former liberals who see things the clearest, isn't it? We're only wondering if "Jv's" difficulties with standard written English arose before or after their political awakening to the emptiness of terrorist-hugging liberalism.

[contextly_sidebar id="r5tYzexdpkOEY6xcNg9Dw2CbC1sd9EkW"]Last week's piece on the Wisconsin Senate race between Russ Feingold and Ron Johnson got a big thumbs-down from "BNSF Guy," who may have been disappointed that it had too little information on the Burlington Northern / Santa Fe railroad. He was especially put off by all the bias in the piece:

I'm sorry I just wasted two minutes of my life reading this garbage op-ed piece. The left is EVERY bit as nasty as the right and it's no wonder we have "outsider" candidates doing well. I'm sick and tired of reading this venom coming from both sides. The left and the right totally suck in this country.

We aren't sure whether to be insulted or thrilled that he thought we were an op-ed columnist. Also, if you check his comment history, you'll find that BNSF Guy has lots and lots of complaints about all the venom coming from both the left and right, as in this comment on a piece from The Hill:

Screw the Koran. The Muslims do nothing to police their own religion. Instead, most seem to believe "the US and every other free country is getting what they have coming". I was never prejudice towards any race, religion, or people, however, I've since changed: I despise Muslims and hope the US doesn't allow them them in like France and England. They contribute nothing and want everything. Look at all the problems surrounding this so called "religion". Screw um. Keep um the f__k out !!!!

Why can't we have less bias in our public discourse, like that?

[contextly_sidebar id="gxIuozmwgp80uM2QMemgqDjL3dpWSacR"]And finally, a disappointed note from "LaDiabla Blanca," who was very disappointed with our coverage of the Bernie Sanders rally in Boise:

2/10. You only get 2 because you mentioned Bernie Sanders. Whoever wrote this article, learn to be less boring. Will not be sharing.

Gosh, we're all torn up about that low rating from someone who has never commented on Wonkette before. We didn't even know we'd be rated on a 10-point scale! Maybe we should use more Action Verbs.

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