Delicious Dump Cake For When You Get Dumped! Tabs, Fri,. Feb. 14, 2020


Shut up fuck you, this story, I hate you. (I do not hate you.) (WaPo)

How to make your marriage gayer! (New York Times)

Oh John Kelly said a mean about Fox. CLICK. — Washington Post

Barr says Trump's tweets make it 'impossible for me to do my job'. Perhaps he should consider resigning! (WaPo)

Hi, have some CORRUPT FUCKED UP RACISM under the COLOR OF LAW. Now give the nice black man all your money, West Linn, Oregon, and probably Portland too.

Same, Frederick Koch. Same: "Frederick Koch, Who Spurned Family Business, Dies at 86. The oldest of four boys, he had little interest in his brothers' conglomerate or politics. Instead, he collected art and restored manor houses." — NYT

Cool cool.

Antarctica is over 69 degrees for the first time ever. Not NICE.

But should you break up with your long-distance girlfriend for the environment? Grist says love is love.

Hey Shy, another one for the I'M NOT PUTTING THAT FUCKING THING IN MY HOUSE files. "I Got a Ring Doorbell Camera. It Scared the Hell Out of Me." (New York Mag)

And Eric Levitz at New York mag says no thank you, Michael Bloomberg. I agree! But Levitz forgot the amount to which Bloomberg is just plain buying endorsements the old-fashioned way: with money.

I don't know what the Wall Street Journal is talking about. 'I Feel Very Torn Between My Child and My Dad'—Demands Intensify for the 'Sandwich Generation'.

People do not seem to be enjoying our "REAL ID." — Zocalo Public Square

Jessica Valenti at Gen Medium: Don't marry a man who doesn't vacuum. Don't worry, Jessica Valenti, I DIDN'T.

And delicious dump cakes for when you get dumped. Don't expect us to give you a title tab in future. This was a fluke, against my better judgment, and won't happen again.

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