Delis: Yes, D.C. Now Actually Has Some!

Hot Dogs: What's the newest trend to come to D.C. that's just as unhealthy as Slim Jims and Big Gulps, but that's become gourmet-y and so acceptable? Hot dogs! There are now TWO, yes two, restaurants in D.C. that serve specialty hot dogs, and the newest one serves bacon wrapped all-beef hot dogs, deep fried all-beef hot dogs, and hot dogs topped with cheese-whiz. It's almost like D.C. is Real America (yet still better). [DC-3]

  • Thursday, November 11: If there were ever a reason to go to a bar with "pumphouse" in the name, it would be because the bar is serving free drinks, though this still may not be reason enough to actually go. Rhino Bar and Pumphouse in Georgetown will be offering two free cocktails or draft beers from 6-8PM this Thursday. Go at your own risk. [What's the Deal Happy Hour]
  • Saturday, November 13: Ice skating is a winter activity that involves going in circles in the freezing cold, and you can participate in this fun, repetitive activity starting this Saturday when the ice skating rink at the Sculpture Garden opens. Here's an even better reason to go ice skating this weekend: this Saturday and Sunday they'll be handing out free hot chocolate. [Sculpture Garden Ice Skating Rink]
  • Saturday, November 13: If eating different varieties of oysters at an Oyster Riot will help small children back off the jelly doughnuts by helping Children's National Medical Center build a new kitchen, even if the connection isn’t all there, why wouldn't you do it? Tickets to the Oyster Riot may be $60, but it's well worth it considering that there will be lots of other food including pig, as well as a moon bounce. [Oyster Roast]
  • Things that make D.C. more like New York: D.C. will only count as a city when it’s just like New York (Right? This is how it works?), but our Epcot-Center-like imitation of Brooklyn and mass consumption of PBR are NOT good enough. What's the one thing D.C. needs to make it that-much-more like the big cit-ay? A real live Jewish deli, of course. And now we have one. So we’re good? New York you will love us now? [Uptown Deli]
  • Food to look Forward to: Get ready for another beer garden, another burger restaurant, and then another burger restaurant, and Indian food Chipotle style. [Bavarian Beer Garden: Prince of Petworth/Standard: Prince of Petworth/Bobby's Burger Palace: WBJ/Merzi]

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