Dem Candidates To Debate Funny Cat Video

'I'm president ... I mean, I'm John Cox, and I'm runnin' for president!You'll notice it's June, of the year 2007. And yet, we are deep in presidential debate season for an election that will occur two autumns from now. How to keep things interesting? Well, TIME Magazine did choose YOU as the person of the year, so why not let you idiots submit questions to the candidates in the form of, uhh, YouTube videos?

That's the bold idea behind the July 23 debate in South Carolina, which will be hosted by Anderson Cooper and Simon Cowell and feature celebrity judges such as Jaye P. Morgan and Madeleine Albright.

Mr. Cooper has already made an appeal on CNN to viewers to be "creative" in their videos. No one knows quite what to expect.
Oh, hooray. We cannot wait to see LonelyGirl47 winsomely ask John Edwards what "poverty" means while crazy Japanese game-show contestants stuff dozens of Hillary Clinton dolls down their pants and those dorks sing questions about the deficit to an old Pixies track.

New Presidential Debate Site? Obviously, YouTube [NYT]


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