Dem Forum Video ... But Not For You Commie Mac Users!

It's gonna be boring! - WonketteThis is freaking ridiculous: There are about a dozen video streams for this Dem candidate forum in Carson City, Nevada, that just started, but they're all Windows Media Player or Real Thingy or Vista XP-Superb, and the only option for Mac users (all the Dem primary voters, basically) is to download Internet Explorer and Real Player and Windows Media Deal and other such stuff that will take three hours and break the computer.

Great job, Democrats! Ah well, Obama won't be there so there won't be any "star power" or whatever.

We will just watch it on C-SPAN the old fashioned way (drunk) and maybe blog about it. Especially when Joe Biden drops the N-Bomb.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Visit Nevada Today [Las Vegas Sun]


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