Democrat Guy Doesn't Know Name of Democrat Running For Alaska Senate Seat


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So here is DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse on ABC's Web show "Top Line," not knowing the name of whatever lame dude the Democrats managed to scrape together to run against Teabag Arctic Fox Joe Miller, and so the NRSC is spreading this around to show how much cooler they are. "Democrats are the real extremists," they say in the YouTube description. What? Democrats are basically MUSLIN TERRORISTS because they don't know the name of their Alaska Senate nominee? But this may all be moot, and the generic Democrat may win, because Lisa Murkowski's campaign is looking into an independent run to keep her seat, and thus VOTES MAY BE SPLIT.

Best course of action?

The other possibility: the Alaska Independence Party. Former Governor Wally Hickel lost the Republican primary in 1990, but won in the general by being on the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP) ticket. A third-party run could work for Murkowski as the Democrat's candidate is largely unknown Sitka mayor Scott McAdams, but she would have to overcome the main reason the AIP exists in the Last Frontier: They are a secessionist party calling for Alaska to leave the United States.

Oh, just like Todd Palin! It's about time we had secessionists in our Senate again. [Daily Beast / via Newell]


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