Democratic Convention Shaping Up To Be Pricey Organic Disaster

It appears the Democrats have come up with an absurdly constipated boondoggle of a convention that will show Americans, once again, exactly why they don't like electing Democrats. From the massive expense to the terrible lack of planning to the weird diktat about friggingfood colors, this whole thing confirms everyone's worst suspicions about Democrats being spendthrift hippies with the souls of incompetent Soviet bureaucrats. The reporting on this clusterfuck reads like the paranoid scribblings of Rush Limbaugh on a three-day Oxycontin bender. Let's review the ridiculousness together.

  • The entire wretched event is completely behind schedule.
  • Democratic Convention staffers operate out of plush Denver digs while the budget runs over, and over, and over.
  • A disgusted Barack Obama has sent 10 staff members out to clean up this hopeless mess, although it might be too late.
  • Every caterer in Denver hates the Democrats because they have demanded an inexpensive organic rainbow of locally grown food on every plate.
  • There are no hotel rooms even for reporters from respectable national publications.

Basically, this is the gazillion-dollar nanny state writ large and a huge embarrassment for Obama and every other sane Democrat. Meanwhile, the Republican National Convention will be held in an abandoned Bingo hall and will feature a menu of creamed corn, green bean casserole, and packets of ketchup dissolved in water to make "tomato soup." It will be wildly successful.

Delays and Rising Costs for Convention Raise Worries for Democrats [New York Times]


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