Democratic Convention Wisdom: A Wonkette F.A.Q.

Based on email from readers and various media enquiries about our plans for next week's Democratic National Convention coverage, we have determined the need for responses to frequently asked questions. There is a tie for most frequently asked:

Will you be blogging from the convention?

Are you going to blog for MTV?

Can you call yourself a reporter now?

Will MTV let you say ass-fucking on television?

The answer to all these questions is "no." Of course, that raises a slew of other questions, such as:

Then what's going to happen to Wonkette?

So glad you asked. We'll be leaving Wonkette in the capable hands of the Boi from Troy, our favorite football fan and stalker. He's a big gay and a big Republican; we like to think of him as like Andrew Sullivan, but funny. Some of you may remember him from the Wonkette/Boi from Troy Honorary Homo Contest. Now he's our honored homo. We expect him to uphold the site's reputation for untrammeled cattiness and buttsex. He'll be introducing himself later.

So what does MTV want with you, then?

We have no idea. They just put a pile of money on the doorstep, handed us a plane ticket, said something about "sink or swim" and ran away.

When will you call yourself a reporter? The Daily Show got a news award! Doesn't that make you Jimmy Olsen to their Clark Kent?

We're more like "Catwoman" to their "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Is it possible for you to be funny or interesting without talking about anal sex?

We'll see.

UPDATE: You won't get rid of us that easy. We'll be sending in reports to Wonkette whenever sober enough to do so. And we're reachable through the "tips" email if you want to send on requests, party invites, or threats.


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