Democratic Convention Wisdom: Logistics Edition

1. The first question everyone asks you is, "Are you going?" The second, said with probing, what-school-did-you-go-to archness, is "Where are you staying?" Distance from Fleet Center is proportional to how far down you are on the media food chain. The DNC's fancy map helps you figure out if you've snubbed. [DNC]

2. Mr. Sun's fun Democratic National Convention wordsearch! Something to do on the shuttle from your hotel. Or during Kerry's speech. Whichever's more boring. [Mr. Sun]

3. More time-killing fun: Bet on how many times will John Edwards say the word "millworker" during his VP nomination acceptance speech. (Only goes up to 10.) [Poolitics]

4. VH1 isn't the only boomer establishment that still loves the 90s! Art Alexakis, lead singer of Everclear (remember Everclear?), will be a delegate for Oregon. []

5. Our stepblog Gawker has tips for bloggers who are covering the Democratic convention. Wait. . . Bloggers are covering the convention!?!? What kind of crazy pretend journalism world are we living in? Someone better write a navel-gazing essay examining this "blogging" phenomenon or I won't know what to think! [Gawker]


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