Democratic Convention Wisdom: Party Lists

Drudge may have the quality party list for the DNC (finally something worth a siren icon), but we have quantity. After the jump is an even longer list than posted previously of all the various Olympic-level boozing and schmoozing events surrounding the Democratic convention. We would have posted the information even earlier, but whoever pulled it together was serious enough about their drinking to put the entire thing into an Excel spreadsheet. This is a level of organization we admire, but that we refuse to try to figure how to convert to HTML. We have no picks, precisely, though we are dying, dying to go to the "Association of Nurses Late Night at The Big Easy." Could that possibly be as fun as it sounds? Cindy Adams also handicapped the festivities in today's NY Post -- though she appears to be working from a very different list than the one Drudge got (no mention of the Ben Affleck bowling party!). We were recently chided by a representative of the World Wrestling Entertainment organization for not taking this event seriously, but, well, even the Washington "Could you make this more boring, please?" Monthly has put together a guide. (Nothing will compare to their notorious ship-night orgies, though.)

Ironically, the spoilsports at the Center for the Public Integrity probably have the most complete guide (though there's no information on invite-level and whatnot); of course, they would like to remind us that all this free liquor has a price. . . democracy. Oops! Anyway: We have yet to find a completely comprehensive list, which means you either have to do more research or, uhm, not care so much. You know what helps with that? Drinking. Do it enough and you'll stop caring about democracy, too! Then again, look at Kennedy. . .

Disclaimer (looking at you, Newsweek!): No guarantee the information here is correct, or that these parties are open to the public or even to all convention goers. Unless your name begins with Chris and ends with Heinz, you might call ahead.


Democratic Convention: Where the Party Is [Wonkette]

One Big Dem Party in Old Beantown [NYP]

Democratic Convention Party Guide [Washington Monthly]

The Party's Parties

Saturday, July 24

1-5pm: Boston 2004 Hospitality Reception, Fenway Park (Boston 2004, Invitation Only)

3:15pm Red Sox v. Yankees Game, Fenway Park (Tickets Only)

8pm-11pm Media Party, Boston Convention Center (Boston 2004, Media Only)

Sunday, July 25

12-2pm Kennedy Clambake Event, Kennedy Compound (Kennedy Family, Invitation Only)

5-8pm Glover Park Group Event, Anthem (Glover Park Group)

5-8pm Newsweek Magazine Reception, No. 9 Park (Newsweek Magazine, Invitation only)

5:30-7:30pm Planned Parenthood/Stand Up for Choice, Seaport World Trade Center (Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Open to Public/RSVP required)

5:30pm - 8pm Citigroup Pregame Reception, Fenway Park (Citigroup, Invitation/Ticket)

8:05pm Red Sox v. Yankees Game, Fenway Park (Tickets Only)

6-8pm New York Times Reception, Gamble Mansion (NY Times, Invitation Only)

7-9pm Matthew Shepard Foundation, Club Café (Matthew Shepard Foundation, Invitation Only)

7-9pm Dinner Honoring Gov. Richardson, Boston Harbor Hotel - Wharf Room (BNSF, Invitation Only)

8-11pm Reception Honoring Bill & Hillary Clinton, State Room (Elaine & Gerald Schuester, Invitation Only)

8-10pm Celebrate Boston 2004 Concert, City Hall Plaza (Boston 2004, Open to Public)

8pm-11pm Irish-American Dems & Italian-American Democratic Leadership Council Reception, Boston Park Plaza (Irish-Amer Dems & Italian-Amer DLC, Invitation Only)

9:30pm-2am Primary NH All Night BBQ, Brother Jimmy's (96 Winthrop St., Cambridge) (Dewey Square/Primarily New Hampshire, Invitation Only)

10pm-2am Blue Dog Coalition Celebration, Roxy Nightclub (Blue Dog Coalition)

10pm-2am Rock the Vote/Paul Van Dyk Concert, Avalon (Rock the Vote, Tickets for sale)

Late Nights (10pm-2am):

DNC Late Night, Sophia's (DNC)

AOL Time Warner Late Night, Tia's (AOL Time Warner)

Monday, July 26

12-4pm DNC Fenway BBQ, Fenway Park (DNC)

1-2pm Atlantic Monthly Luncheon, Parris (Faneuil Hall) (Atlantic Monthly)

4-7pm Rock the Vote Concert, Cambridgeside Galleria Lagoon, Cambridgeside Galleria Mall (Open to public)

5-7pm Novartis Pharmaceutical Event, Museum of Afro-American History

5-9pm DLC VIP Reception & Dinner, Radius (DLC, Invitation Only)

5pm-2am General Motors Reception, Wang Center (GM)

5:30-10pm American Gas Assoc. Reception, Torch

5:30-7:30pm Boston 2004 Platinum Club Dinner, Parkman House

8:30-10pm Human Rights Campaign Reception, Embassy/The Modern (HRC, Invitation Only)

9pm-2am Verizon Event, Boston Public Library (Verizon)

10pm-2am "All Star" Salute to Democratic Governors, Rowes Wharf, Boston Harbor Hotel (DGA, Invitation Only)

10pm-2am Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) Event Honoring CHC Member (w/Los Lobos), Felt (CHCI, Invitation Only)

10pm-2am Association of Nurses Late Night, The Big Easy (Assoc. of Nurses)

10pm-2am Reception Honoring Cong. Ford, The Roxy (Walker Merchant Group)

10pm-2am Time Warner Late Night Honoring Mary Beth Cahill, Rooftop of Old Ritz Carlton (Time Warner)

Late Night "Champagne & Cigars" Celebration with Gov. Richardson, Grand Canal (57 Canal St.) (Gov. Richardson, Invitation Only)

Late Night Edwards PAC Late Night, The Rack

Tuesday, July 27

12noon-2pm DNC Finance and Boston 2004 Batting, Fenway Park (DNC/Boston 2004)

12:30pm-2pm DGA Clambake, Umass Boston (DGA)

Rock the Vote In-Store Event, French Connection 206 Newbury Street (Rock the Vote)

1pm-2pm Atlantic Monthly Luncheon, Parris

6-11pm NDI Reception, Tia's Waterfront (NDI)

Evening Lifetime Television Kickoff & Concert, Boston Convention Center (Rock the Vote)

Evening American University Celebrates Convention '04, Raddison Cambridge (AU Alumni Association)

7-10pm Edison Electric Institute, Radius restaurant

7-10pm Altria Executive Pre-Convention Dinner, Mantra Restaurant (Altria)

7pm-1am Apollo Alliance's "Coming Together," The Middle East Night Club (Apollo Alliance)

9-12midnight Sen. Edward Kennedy Tribute and Event, Boston Symphony Hall (Various sponsors)

10pm-2am Senator Breaux Carribean Carnival, New England Aquarium (DLC)

10pm-2am Latino Celebration, Cyclorama (Gov. Richardson & Boston Latino Group)

10pm-2am National Association of Recording Artists Reception, Avalon

Late Nites (9pm-2am):

JP Morgan Late, Roxy

SOC Productions, Mirage

Patton Boggs, LLP, Saint

DSCC/DCCC Late Night Event, Felt

Verizon, Kings

NARAL, Sanctuary

VAW Daimler Chrysler, Anthem

DGA Late Nite, Parris

DNC Financial, Wang Center

Wednesday, July 28

7-11pm Reception in Honor of Mrs. Lewis, Afro-American Museum

7pm-1am Apollo Alliance's "Coming Together," The Middle East Night Club

8-11pm Dinner with Senator Kennedy, No.9 Park

9pm-12midnight Creative Coalition Party, Louis Boston (Invitation Only/Tickets)

9pm-2am An Evening of Jazz with Andre Ward, Mirage (Mass. Black Caucus)

9pm-2am Patton Boggs Event for NE Delegation, Saint

10pm-2am Corzine/Menendez Party, Union Oyster House

10pm-1am Celebration 2004 - DCCC/DSCC, Felt

10pm-2am Black Caucus Signature Gala Nite, FleetBoston Pavillion

10pm-3am Celebrate America Party, Seaport World Trade Center

Late Nites (9pm-2am):

Gov. McGreevey Late Night, State Room (Invitation Only)

NY State and Gotham Magazine Late Night, Avalon

Late Night With the DGA, Ned Devine's

Late Night With Democratic Mayors, The Place

Thursday, July 29

5-7pm Daschle Reception, Capital Grille

Greater Boston Business Council Boat Cruise XIII, The World Trade Center

8pm - 11pm Rock the Vote/ Time Warner Concert (Roxy

8pm-2am Boston 2004 Wrap Party, State Room (Boston 2004)

Late Nites (10pm-2am)

Kerry Late Night, Avalon

DNC/NDN/GAIN Late Night, Wang Center

DLC / IAFF (Firefighters) Party, TBD


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