Democratic Debate Has Bright Point

eric-alterman.jpgThe best possible outcome of any presidential debate would probably be the rounding up, tarring, feathering, and possibly stoning of each candidate. Failing that, we'll have to settle for the arrest of Eric Alterman in the Spin Room.

Goffstown, N.H. police said Alterman was in the spin room as a guest of the Creative Coalition and went to an area reserved for a private reception for WMUR-TV. Police said he was asked by an executive at the party if he was invited to the private area and was asked to leave. A police officer was called after a verbal altercation ensued. According to police, Alterman was asked seven times to leave and became increasingly loud as he refused. After ignoring a final request, police said he was handcuffed and taken from the building.

Eric, naturally, disputes this characterization of the incident, claiming he never even raised his voice. Onlookers, though, recall hearing the columnist damning himself by repeatedly asking the officer why the police never arrested any genuine liberal voices.

Columnist/Author Released After Being Arrested in the Spin Room [CNN]


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