Democrats Are Deciding Whether Joe Wilson Is A Racist Or Not, Right Now!


  • Hollywood talkie star Patrick Swayze, who famously had cancer, has died from the aforementioned cancer at the age of 57. [New York Times]
  • "Led by their most senior black lawmakers" (?), Democrats have decided to importantly vote on whether or not to sanction Joe Wilson and whether or not to make this an issue about race. [Washington Post]
  • America has blown up a car in Somalia! But what counts is what's inside the car, namely, Al Qaeda's most talented terrorist. [WSJ]
  • The American Medical Association never likes health care reform except just now it has announced that it likes Obama's health care reform, perhaps because it stands to gain like $200 billion as cuts to Medicare are stopped. [LA Times]
  • Today on Obama's Everyone Should Be Taking Responsibility For Things tour: Midwestern auto-workers, whom he will tell to be responsible with their jobs and savings, should they ever have these things again. [AP]
  • The Senate will NOT be giving Obama's friends the ACORNS any federal housing money, and the US Census doesn't want their stupid help either, in counting people. [Reuters]

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