Democrats Become Total PAYGO Sluts

Don't they look happySometimes, I guess it's that first taste of forbidden pleasure that makes a formerly chaste individual into a raging ball of hormone-driven impulses. With the Democratic Congress, it was apparently the utter lack of constituent backlash when they waived their own pay-as-you-go rules for tax cuts just in time for Christmas that has made them want to do it again and again and again. This time, they're not even waiting for the legislation to come down to the wire or making any excuses!

Since the economy sucks and they want to seem, like, responsible for helping it not suck the Democrats have all agreed to waive PAYGO when they pass their stimulus package really, really soon that will definitely include tax cuts. The Democrats instituted PAYGO when they took the reins of Congress because they were all sad pandas that the Republicans were willing to increase the deficit when they passed tax cuts. But, one Christmas ride on that delightful tax-cuts-with-no-consequences pony, they're now all like "Deficit spending is justified when you are trying to stimulate the economy," obviously! The price of the Democrats' stimulus plan is expected to be about $100 billion and to include tax rebates to consumers, which is totally hot.

Democrats Vow to Speed Economic Stimulus Package to Bush [CQ Politics]


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