Democrats Deny Existence Of Human-Mouse Hybrid Monsters


Election Day is coming soon (not soon enough though, we hate it!), and everyone has run out of money to spend -- everyone except for the Republicans, that is. The Democrats are so poor and destitute that they are now intimidating voters with rogue armies ofillegal Mexicans! But wait, it looks like Chris Coons mugged a few old ladies/recycled some beer cans, and managed to scrounge up enough cash for one last teevee ad. Yay, but why? Isn't Chris Coons beating the Meatball Succubus by hundreds of thousands of points? Yes, but the important issue of "Christine O'Donnell is worried about mice with human brains" has not been properly vetted. Not until now, at least! Why does Chris Coons refuse to admit that the government is probably using highly intelligent mice-people to spread panic/bedbugs? This is why Christine O'Donnell is Delaware's only hope.

[youtube expand=1]

Why are the Democrats wasting their precious last dollar(s) debunking Christine O'Donnell's Flowers for Algernon fan fiction? "We are going to lose every House and Senate seat in the entire Milky Way Galaxy -- even Tim Kaine will lose his DNC Chairmanship, to some hillbilly Republican -- but by God, we are gonna win the shit out of that Delaware Senate seat!" [YouTube]


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