Democrats Give 2006 Their Better Shot

Taft-PinWith Republicans reeling from multiple scandals, an unpopular war, and a disastrous Supreme Court nomination, the time is ripe for Democrats to step up and present an alternative vision for America. And, according to The Hill, they've narrowed it down to two: "Together, We Can Do Better" or "Together, America Can Do Better." Both are an improvement on the initial thesis -- one that they've been "previewing" since, oh, 2004 -- "America Can Do Better." See, without the "together" how is one to know the way by which we can do better? No wonder they lost last time.

Dems are hopeful that this slogan will solve what one House Democratic leadership aide called "this sense that people don't know where we stand." Now we know: They stand for betterness. Not since Taft stuck his neck out on behalf of puppies and ice cream has the American political arena been the site of such enormous risk.

The Hill reports that "The message project considered 'dozens' of potential slogans," before settling on the "do better" strategy. Rejected slogans included, we hear, "You Could Do Worse," "It's Not Like There's a Third Party," and "Sorry About that Kerry Thing."

Dems test new slogan [The Hill]

Kerry Unveils One-Point Plan For Better America [The Onion]


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