Democrats Hate Children, But So Does Phil Parlock

make this girl stop crying or we'll shoot this puppySo best: Phil Parlock, that guy whose kid was so upset by having her Bush-Cheney sign torn? Some posters at Democratic Underground (we know, we know), dug up a story from 2000 that suggests Parlock has some kind of weird fetish for putting a cute girl on someone's shoulders and then somehow arranging for her Bush-Cheney sign to be taken away. It's not exactly getting turned on by women stomping on small animals, but it is pretty weird:

Another incident involved [Parlock's son] Louis and a teenage girl he and Parlock said they met at the rally. They said they didn't know who she was.

"She walked up and said 'I'll get on your shoulders and hold a sign,' " Louis said.

While she was sitting on Louis' shoulders waving a Bush-Cheney sign, a man who identified himself as a volunteer for the Gore campaign tried to pull the sign out of the girl's hands, Parlock said. He pulled so hard that Louis and the girl fell over.


As workers cleaned up the debris from the rally in front of the Capitol after the rally, Parlock sat next to a pile of ripped up Bush-Cheney signs he had collected. He said he thought the people who took his signs went too far.

Still, he said he'd do it again.

At least he's honest! And hey, whatever works!. Kind of brilliant, really: Fuck talking about, dunno, "issues," Parlock just wants to illustrate an important point: Democrats hate children. You could say his stunts are, uhm, "fake but accurate."

As for a guy who intentionally makes his own kid cry in order to get his candidate elected? Well, Phil, we hear Karl Rove is sending you flowers.

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