• When Barack Obama reveals the census numbers on December 31, it will become clear just how many people have fled the sad, crumbling Midwest, which will result in many Congressional districts there ceasing to exist. Thus, the pathetic battles to govern and/or legislate for these frozen wastelands take on extra importance, as the next two years will be consumed with fights to redraw the legislative districts there for the congressional representatives for the few remaining Midwestern humans. If the Democrats seize control of Minnesota, will they work to eliminate Michele Bachmann's exurban fiefdom? "The party wants to defeat Ms. Bachmann but not by redrawing her out of existence," says the state Democratic leader, so, yes, they will redraw her out of existence. [NYT]
  • As usual, Congress will be forced to cobble together a continuing resolution to keep the government from shutting down this fall. Fox News' Chad Pergman has written a lovely prose poem about this annual tradition, which he has called "Breakdancing Around Nitroglycerin" for no reason we can fathom. (It's probably explained in the second half of the thing, but we lost interest long before that.) [Fox]
  • Israeli Foreign Minister/right-wing wacko Avigdor Lieberman gave an ill-received speech at the UN, saying that maybe Israel would trade away land inhabited by Israeli Arabs to the Palestinians, and that they should set up a "long-term intermediate agreement" that would last a decade or two, until everyone stopped hating each other. But Prime Minister Netanyahu says that Lieberman probably should have cleared this speech with him first, since it doesn't actually represent the policy of the Israeli government. [BBC]
  • Sharron Angle has received the coveted endorsement of ... hated failed Monday Night Football word-sayer/10-10-220 pitchman Dennis Miller? Sure, why not. [Politico]

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