Demon Beast Canyon Quick Boss Guide! Tabs, Wed., March 9, 2022

Demon Beast Canyon Quick Boss Guide! Tabs, Wed., March 9, 2022

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Twenty thousand people, including Georgia's former defense minister, have joined Ukraine's International Legion. Remember when that stupid comic book meme war video made me cry and cry? (Market Watch)

I do.

How Joe Biden is, for one of the first times in our history, living up to the stated ethics of America and the West. I don't know that Michael Tomasky is any more correct than any of us about what will or won't happen in Russia and Ukraine, and he sounds not hopeful but forlorn. We will see. (The New Republic)

The Ukraine invasion by Russia is making Spain run out of sunflower oil. — Food and Wine

In Wooden v. US, the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favor of the criminal defendant, and Mark Joseph Stern wishes every day was like Monday. But even in their concurring opinions, Amy Bony Carrot and Kegs still managed to be a bunch of cocks about it. — Mark Joseph Stern at Slate

David Dayen spits nails at the Manchin Sinema Hoosy Goosey Two-Step Tarantella, but with more facts and whatnot, as is his wont. (The American Prospect)

I have been asking and asking this! Why aren't we turning all those empty office buildings into more housing, instead of yelling at people to stop working from home? Dayen asks too, and I bet he even did some reporting about it, I am going to read it and find out. — TAP again

Idaho sees you and raises you, Texas. Trigger warning for House votes 55-13 to put you in prison for life if you help your teen delay puberty which is by the way completely fucking reversible.Bill

Missouri just wonderin if maybe it can outlaw going to Illinois for your bortion, while people are outlawing things. — Free link at Washington Post

Too long didn't read: Early childhood teachers and daycarers are all living in poverty, I wonder if there is anything we can do to ensure a living wage for them and also an easier time for parents? (Detroit Free Press)

Batman iterations ranked by livability of their respected Gothams. — The Reveal

Can you tell when people are lying? Probably not unless they're Republicans and their lips are moving. (Knowable Mag)

Is it fish? No. Is it fish for the purposes of Lent? Is it armadillo, beaver, or croc? Then yes! — The Advertiser

This is fine.

According to mythology, the Sessho-seki in Japan, or the killing stone, contains the transformed corpse of an evil nine-tailed fox who imitated a beautiful woman in an attempt to kill an emperor in the 12th century. The infamous volcanic rock — registered as a historical site in 1957 — is reported to be cursed, said to kill anyone who touches it, emitting toxic gas, and all the other unfortunate side effects of containing an embedded demon. Anyway, in new news, the rock broke in half sometime over the past couple of days. While many attempted to quell the anxiety by rightfully pointing out that cracks had appeared in the rock several years ago and it was only a matter of time before the inexorable expansion of freezing rainwater split the stone, we here at Numlock News have a longstanding policy of covering our bases, and would like to be the first to welcome Tamamo-no-Mae and all nine of her tails back to our realm, congratulate her on her daring escape from imprisonment, inform her of recent political changes regarding imperial sovereignty that she may find intriguing, offer any aide she may require and just add long may she reign.


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