Demoralized White House Press Corps Is So, So Bored

Helen Thomas had to retire after 80 million years, she was so boredYou may have forgotten that George Bush is still the president -- and judging from his latest round of African dance parties, it looks like he would also prefer to forget! But this whole "still the president for EIGHT TEN MORE MONTHS" issue leaves White House reporters in a pickle. On the one hand, they're professionally obliged to cover George W. Bush every time he chokes on a pretzel, bails out a bank, or endorses some loathsome old codger to replace him. On the other hand, the White House beat is so boring these days.

But these journalists take their noble Fourth Estate responsiblities Seriously, so they still show up for press conferences even though they consist of little more than Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto picking his nose for 20 minutes. Every now and again a reporter wanders off to start another dumb television show about the three-way to the White House, and the people left behind bitch about how they have no travel budget and have to cover boring speeches about nothing. Maybe Bush can invade Iran before he leaves office so these reporters have something more interesting to do.

Lame duck reporters are bored [Politico]


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