Demrats Keep Senate Open for Seconds to Avoid Massive Evildoing

the good old days, as it wereSenate Demrats are working overtime during Congress' month-long winter recess, because if they don't, Bush will appoint all kinds of Crazy to all sorts of important positions sans approval. Not that the fetus-eating Demrats would be celebrating a good Christian holiday like Christmas anyway, so they have plenty of time to go in, bang the gavel, maybe take a shit on paid time, and leave. No, seriously, that's pretty much what's happening.

Last Friday, Virginia Sen. Jim Webb (who has taken bitch-duty because he lives near the Capitol) went into the chamber at 9:30 a.m., opened session and then closed it 26 seconds later. On Sunday he did the same thing, and these little rituals will continue every few days throughout the recess.

Consider what's happening in American democracy right now. A hobo freshman senator is going into an important room every few days to bang a wooden implement twice over the course of 26 seconds. Because he does this, it prevents a president from (further) destroying the very fundamentals of justice by giving weird people important jobs. So it's nice that our politicians have to resort to a dated parliamentary parry-thrust instead of, you know, trusting each other not to do horrendous shit during the holidays.

While you were sleeping in, Senate opened and closed in a blink [Politico]


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