Dems Blocking New White House Chef?

bushcorn.jpgAmidst the never-ending hubbub over judicial filibusters and the John Bolton nomination, obstructionist Democrats may be engaged in an even more sinister campaign to subvert the will of the American people. Yesterday, NPR featured a short interview with former White House Executive Chef Walter Scheib, whom Laura Bush fired in early February. In the wake of that interview, we realized that Scheib's position remains dangerously vacant. As best as we can determine, an increasingly emaciated-looking President Bush is mostly surviving on raw corn. Earlier this week, he traveled to the land of assassination by soup, just to get a decent meal. So what's the hold-up on hiring a new chef?

We're guessing it's John Kerry and his anti-American pals in Congress, who don't even need dioxin to do their evil deeds. Instead, they can simply refuse to allow an up-or-down vote on potential chefs they deem "out of the culinary mainstream" for believing in angel-food cake. Or smear other nominees for "having too rough a hand with tomatoes." Meanwhile, the President is slowly starving to death. The whole thing is outrageous, and it needs to stop now.

A Fired White House Chef [NPR]

Top White House Chef is Leaving [NY Times]


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