Dems To Beg Gordon Smith and Susan Collins To Switch Sides

Trust no one. - WonketteIn the Department of Stuff That Might Be True, we go to Wayne Madsen and his occasionally semi-accurate unsourced website. Madsen says the new Senate Majority Leadership will try to convert moderate Republican Susan Collins and Oregon rebel GOP'er Gordon Smith should Tim Johnson be unable to continue as senator.

Collins has a tough fight ahead in 2008 as Maine moves farther away from the GOP and Smith just launched that angry attack on the Senate floor about the "criminal" Bush war in Iraq.

Johnson just barely won re-election in 2002; his 524-vote victory over Bushbot Jesus-freak John Thune was a "proxy war" between the White House and Tom Daschle, who Thune would go on to beat in 2004 by 4,508 votes in South Dakota's most expensive election ever. And we got through this whole post without bringing up Paul Wellstone's convenient death two weeks before that same 2002 midterm that gave two crucial Senate seats back to the GOP.

The News [Wayne Madsen Report]


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