Dems To Go It Alone?

  • The government has failed to quickly reimburse car dealers for "cash for clunkers" sales, which is just another demonstration of why socializing medicine is such a terrible idea. [Washington Post]
  • Facing increasingly strident Republican opposition on healthcare reform, Democrats have concluded, "Well fuck you then." [New York Times]
  • Former HP head Carly Fiorina has a very thin voting record, which could impede her own run for Senate -- so she just needs to explain to the public that extremely wealthy businesspeople don't need to vote, because they have these things called "lobbyists" who have actual influence with politicians. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Afghanistan is holding a national election on Thursday, but will anybody turn out? Depends on how worried they are about suicide bombings and rocket attacks. [VOA News]
  • Former Bush administration officials, take note: in Taiwan, heads do actually roll when the government offers an unacceptably slow response to a natural disaster. [AFP]
  • Bad day in Baghdad -- at least 75 people have been killed and 310 injured following a series of bombing and mortar attacks. [CNN]

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