Dems Will Take Birth Control Spending Out Of Stimulus Bill, Which Will Still Fail


Everybody laughed atliberal S&M fetishist Nancy Pelosi defending the inclusion of family planning programs in the economic stimulus bill, because seriously, who thinks we could possibly improve poor people's financial situations by helping them have fewer children? Think about it, there is absolutely no correlation between the number of children a lower- to middle-class family has and the amount of disposable income that family has available to spend on goods and services. This is because our decadent social services organizations already reward breeders with blocks of government cheese and other valuable goodies.

So anyway, after days of John fucking BONER chuckling over the "size of the package" and wondering how birth control can "stimulate" the economy, Democrats have finally removed the punch line from this bill, which Republicans will vote against anyway.

Officials: Family planning money may be dropped [My Way News]


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