If There's One Thing Anarchists Love, It's Joe Biden

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If There's One Thing Anarchists Love, It's Joe Biden
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Here is breaking news about a case that was extremely terribly TOUGH 2 CRACK.

When somebody set fire to a Minnesota Trump idiot's camper and spray-painted his garage with messages like "Joe Biden 2020" and "BLM" and the anarchy symbol, was that vicious crime probably perpetrated by:

1) a real Biden-loving BLM-supporting anarchist, because of how those guys are just everywhere?


2) the guy who is a Trump idiot who says a crazed Biden-loving anarchist arsoned his camper and spray-painted his garage, because these types of people actually don't know fuckall about the people they hate so much?

It is a conundrum and we are totally lost, so let's ask the Washington Post:

When Denis Vladmirovich Molla told authorities that his camper was set on fire and his garage defaced, the Minnesota man said that whoever carried out the attack was motivated by the “Trump 2020” flag he had displayed from his vehicle. As pictures circulated of a vandalized garage door in September 2020 that was spray-painted with “Biden 2020,” “BLM” and an anarchy symbol, Molla collected thousands of dollars for the reported arson through his insurance company and online donations from sympathetic Trump supporters who denounced the politically motivated attack.

“It just shocked me,” Molla told WCCO hours after the incident. “This kind of stuff should not happen, especially over beliefs of some sort.”

But prosecutors have concluded almost two years later that Molla staged the entire incident.

Federal authorities announced Tuesday that Molla, 29, has been charged with two counts of wire fraud for filing fraudulent insurance claims and benefiting from online fundraisers connected to the faked arson event.

Prosecutors allege that Molla filed a claim with his insurance company for more than $300,000 and received about $61,000. He later accused his insurance company of “defrauding him.” Molla also used donations from his “Patriots for the Mollas” GoFundMe account for a deposit of more than $17,000 into his personal bank account, according to charging documents. [...]

“In reality, as Molla well knew, Molla started his own property on fire, Molla spray-painted the graffiti on his own property and there were no unknown males near his home,” prosecutors said in charging documents.


Well that is just shocking. It is also shocking that "Patriots for the Mollas" were willing to part with so much of their GoFundMe bux based on a story about a totally real guy who had a totally legit crazed Biden anarchist BLM person attack his camper and garage.

After all, conservatives usually are known for really having their finger on the pulse of what liberals and progressives are like and what they do. Also anarchists, which are factcheck and hashtag #different from liberals and progressives.

Read the whole thing!

[Washington Post]

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