Dennis Hastert: A Life in Funny Pictures

Dennis "the Hutt" Hastert, the longest-serving Republican speaker in House history until he was forced to resign in the wake of Pagefuckergate, will retire at the end of this term, according to CQ, surprising pretty much no one. He was corrupt and kinda dumb, but most importantly, he was fat. And that was funny. The photo above, to our mind, belongs to that esteemed class of hilarious political pictures that includes Cheney in bushes, Rick Santorum's crying child, and Steny Hoyer with with his duck furry friend. After the jump, travel back in time with us to other wonderful Denny Hastert moments.

Last October, an embattled Hastert gave a statement to the press on his office's handling of the Mark Foley matter from near his him in Illinois. From a graveyard near his home in Illinois, to be exact.

Back in April of '06, Denny capped off a photo-op about rising gas prices by hopping in a fuel cell-powered car. Which drove him a block away and deposited him in a waiting Chevy Suburban.

We'll miss you, Denny! You haven't really done much of anything at all since you inexplicably didn't retire after the last election, but, uh, we'll miss you nonetheless! Hell, maybe we'll even watch Friday's press conference, just for old times' sake.

Photos: AP

Hastert to Retire at End of Term [HuffPo]


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