Dennis Kucinich Is Too Cool For Your Stupid American Presidency

Look at him. Of course he's always smiling. He is a short old man surrounded by long luscious women -- young women, too. When he loses elections, movie stars invite him to live in their mansions. Here's Dennis Kucinich in a hot-lady sandwich as featured in Sunday's New York Times Magazine.

We've been looking at this stylish photograph for two days now, knowing it reminded us of something. The photo is one of a series featuring the gal on the left, an actress recruited by photographer Bruce Gilden for his "Party Girl" shoot. The idea, we guess, was to contrast this elegant, beautiful Hollywood actress with the hideous excuses for humanity that we elect to national office.

But with the Dennis and Elizabeth, actress Kerry Washington just looks like she's with her own fancy people. And Dennis ....

Right, right. Dennis looks almost exactly like Leonard Cohen in the same exact situation on the cover of Death of a Ladies' Man.

Party Girl [NYT Magazine]


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