Dennis Kucinich To Impeach Obama Or Whatever

Brave sandwichsurvivor Dennis Kucinich was able to exist as a somewhat serious candidate for president the past two cycles because he gave red meat (certified-organic fair-trade local tofu "Reddmeete" sustainably collected from unwanted scraps left by wild animals) to libtards on their pet projects such as impeaching George W. Bush and making anything but world peace illegal. Libtards really, really liked that impeachment thing, and would never stop talking about it, even though there were legitimate problems and possible solutions to debate. Kucinich's hot-wife-distracted brain has not forgotten this, so when he heard about President Obama deciding to bomb Libya, he quickly composed his 2012 platform: IMPEACH OBAMA!!!!1!!!1!!1

According to Kucinich, Obama's decision "would appear on its face to be an impeachable offense," though he questioned whether Congress would ever move forward with a trial in practice.

As reported earlier by Politico, Kucinich raised the specter of impeachment in a conference call with Democratic lawmakers on Saturday.

He questioned whether Congress would ever move forward with a trial? That never stopped him before. Do it, Kucinich! Start the impeachment! This will be fun.

Should presidents just bomb things whenever they want to? Probably not! But how often do presidents commit impeachable offenses? Probably two or three times a day. If we removed from office every president who does something impeachable, we would very quickly wind up with a President Kucinich, under whose leadership America would swiftly be beaten up and have all its money stolen by Canada. [TPM]


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