Welcome President Pelosi A few years back, everybody was all, "Let's impeach Bush & Cheney & Rumsfeld and try them for war crimes and execute them by firing squad, on Pay Per View." And then our nation sort of got over it -- what administration doesn't launch a bunch of illegal wars -- because the Democrats won Congress and the economy collapsed and now Americans are basically just looking around nervously for food and shelter, maybe under that bridge.

Well the good times are back: Dennis Kucinich is going to impeach George W. Bush on Monday!

This is what he said in the House yesterday afternoon, when nobody was paying attention:

"The President and Vice President lied and 4,000 of our soldiers died. The President and Vice President lied and a million innocent Iraqis died in a war that'll cost us two trillion dollars while people here in the states are losing their jobs, their health care, their homes, their dignity. Lies are weapons of mass destruction. Lies are also an impeachable offense. Monday, January 28th is the State of the Union. We already know the State of the Union, it's a lie."

Jesus, did he find a bunch of 2004 protest signs behind his house? After this was put into the record, Dennis all the sudden said he wanted it stricken from the record, but he would put it back in the record, later.

Dennis said he'll start the impeachment proceedings on Monday, right before Bush's last SOTU speech. He already impeached Cheney twice, last April and November.

Rep. Kucinich creates commotion in House, claims President 'lied' [WKYC]


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