Denny's Isn't Just For Milkshakes

* The long debate that has divided this great nation has finally come to a close: Dick Cheney is in fact part of the executive branch. [NYT]

* Alberto Gonzales kills for fun. [WP]

* Maverickism as a suicide pact. [WP]

* Denny Hastert only likes to play for the winning team. [Roll Call]

* Congress invites the White House and the Department of Justice back down to the Hill for some words. [The Hill]

* Bloggers don't like when when Hillary says mean things. [Politico]

* Rudy Giuliani wants you to remember just how fucking scared you were on September 11, 2001. [LAT]

* Nancy Pelosi can't even get Bay Area liberals to hang out with her. [LAT]

* Funny thing: It turns out that you can't court a group of people's votes when you are also advocating rounding them up and sending them back to where they came from. [USAT]

* Every time Ann Coulter runs her stupid fucking mouth, John Edwards makes a lot of money. [USAT]

* Mike Bloomberg is the kind of billionaire who expects a little bit more from people. [USAT]


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