Denver, NYC Both Screwing Up Dem Convention Plans

Do you want to spend four days in DENVER?? - WonketteThe DNC is delaying the Big Announcement because a) Micheal Bloomberg now hates Democrats and b) Denver is a joke and doesn't even have enough hotel rooms.

We know this is like asking Hillary Clinton to be cuddly, but we have a single Christmas Request for the Democrats: Could you people have some balls for once in your miserable lives and do something meaningful?

Hey, Howard Dean: What you need to do is have the convention in New Orleans. We'll tell you why, after the jump.

* Remember how you all bitched about the terrible (probably intentional) destruction of NOLA and all the poor black people FEMA murdered? Same place.

* Bloomberg doesn't want you and we sort of had the NYC Ground Zero Death Porn with the Republican convention in 2004.

* Denver is not ready for such things, and you pretty much have to fly United to get there, and United is the only still-functioning part of Nazi Germany.

* Because of all the blacks that FEMA either killed or ran off to Houston or wherever, New Orleans is much whiter, meaning you won't scare off as many moderates and libertarians and racists when the networks do those "this is the city" segments.

* Jesus Christ, don't you think they could use a little help down there? You could kick the convention business back into gear. Do you people realize conventions were about 89% of the local economy?

* John Edwards is launching his campaign in New Orleans. There is kind of a political angle to be exploited here. Just concentrate real hard for an hour or three and see if you can figure out why this is the case.

* New Orleans has the greatest food in the country. What do they have in Denver, fried cattle testicles or something? (NYC has great restaurants but no actual Native cuisine, beyond hot dogs or bagels or whatever.)

* Doing something good and moral and fun would briefly convince swing voters that you're not exactly like the Republicans.

Democrats Put Off Convention Decision [WTOP]


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