Depends On the Meaning of 'Don't'

 - WonketteEverybody's favorite friendly hippie tech giant isn't just enabling evildoers in China these days. The "Don't Be Evil"wonkette go folks at Google are getting busy with D.C.

Google hired notorious PR firm DCI in March -- the fun guys behind the anti-Gore "viral video," pro-Microsoft letters to the editor from dead people and the marketing blitz to make Burma's military dictators more cuddly. And now the advertising-search giant has filed paperwork to start its own PAC.

Even better, Google is holding its first official political fundraiser for Congresswoman Heather Wilson of New Mexico, "one of the most endangered GOP incumbents," according to Roll Call. Welcome to Washington, Google!

Google Boosts D.C. Presence, GOP Ties [Roll Call]

Don't Be Evil -- Hire It Done [Slashdot]


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